Coming Soon - Enhanced Character Survey

20130816_141017Since it's inception, the character survey has served over one hundred thousand visitors in developing fictional characters for novels, screenplays, role-playing games, revolutionary war reenactments, medieval reenactments, and more.  Like you, dear reader, these visitors were looking for a jumping-off point to develop a unique and memorable persona.

To move the survey forward, to deepen it, to make it stronger, I'm working on a new and enhanced version of the survey.  The best thing about the character survey is that it is a very simple, yet profound, tool for really getting inside the essence of a person.

If you'd like a FREE copy of the enhanced character survey, answer the ONE question on this survey (here's the link), and I'll send it to you electronically when it's ready!  No other obligations.  If you'd prefer to wait, the enhanced survey will be available for purchase later.  Seriously, though, it's one question!

Either way, thanks for stopping by!


You Know You're in a Big Family When...

This is for all those out there who grew up in (or are growing up in!) a big family.

  • A family trip to the store leaves a trail of people behind you counting the number of kids on their fingers.
  • Mom gets asked any of the following questions by complete strangers:
    • "Y'know what causes that, right?" (Usually accompanied by a leer.  The correct answer, of course, is "Hey, everyone's gotta have a hobby."
    • "Are you trying for a girl/boy?"
    • "Are you done yet?"
    • "You're Catholic, aren't you?"
    • "Hey, that's almost a baseball/soccer/marching band! Is that what you're going for?"
    • (Why mom? Because strangers seem to be marginally less rude to Dad.)
  • Your family vehicle seats at least 12. Consistently.
  • You qualify for group discounts at most amusement parks and entertainment venues.
  • It would be cheaper to charter a flight than buy commercial airline tickets for everyone.


Aphorism (noun): A usually pithy and familiar statement expressing an observation or principle generally accepted as wise or true.

1. The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow...

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Website Redesign

January 16th, 2010.  After a long period of dormancy, I have once again begun managing the content on this site actively.  The first steps have been to migrate hosting to a new provider and to shift content management systems to something more modern.  Over the next few months much of the old content will get reviewed, and if it's still funny, relevant or otherwise worthwhile, it'll get published.

In the meantime, the links to the old content still work - well, most of them.

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