A Great Start by a Young Author

There’s this guy I don’t know who runs a blog about his family, life, preparedness, and other sundry topics.  He has six daughters, and I have seven sons, so even though we’ve never met, I feel some level of connection to the guy.  This morning I had a chance to read his latest post, which was, in fact, a story written by his fifteen year-old daughter.  I’ll warn you, it’s long.  Short-story long, in point of fact.  Don’t let that stop you, though.  It’s worth the read, especially as America heads into the herky-jerky dance of another year-end holiday frenzy.  It’s a great reminder of a few things that are always worth remembering, and I won’t spoil your read by sharing my thoughts on it before you’ve had a chance to experience it for yourself.

But, OJD, if you’re listening – avoid the current state of fashion in post titles.  This one’s strong enough to stand on it’s own.