This website has been in continuous operation for almost 20 years.  From an Internet point of view, that’s nearly forever.  In that long history, it has been many things, but one of them has remained constant – it’s my own little corner of the web, not tied to another mega-platform or social site.  Over the years it’s gone from hand-coded (in Notepad!) HTML pages, to Cold-Fusion, to ASP, to PHP, to Joomla!, and other such technologies.  Currently it’s running on WordPress, and fairly recently I opted to scrub the site (the horror!) from its earlier content.

What!? Why?  Why would I scrap page-one Google ranking for the Character Survey?  Well, part of the reason is I’d like to focus the site on more of my long-term personal interests, and some of that content has become dated, like those ties in your closet from the eighties.  Seriously, sometimes you just need to donate those old clothes.  Some of the content (likely the character survey) may come back, as it may play a role in some future projects.

More to come, as they say.