A Brief Introduction

Heya,  thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it. This rebuild of my site is a project that will likely take a while.  If you’re interested in what’s happening currently, I’m most active on Twitter @Gerret.  That’s where I’m posting progress updates on various projects, including (at this writing) plate tectonics for my homebrew campaign, cultures for the starting area (hence the tectonics – I’m more of a top-down designer), a honkin’ city map for the first campaign arc, and a new planner system for general life organization.

As a thumbnail biography, I’m a learning professional by day, focusing on succession management, HR talent analytics, communication, and LMS administration; a father to 7 sons; a husband to the most amazing woman ever, (yes, of course I’m biased!); and we live on a few acres in southeast Michigan, with a sassy dog, a little rabbit, and a chicken coop full of free range chickens who are exceptionally well-cared-for.